I ran so many Laravel installations on my localhost and i have difficulties how to manage those. Before today i use XAMP or MAMP or Laragon to deploy my projects with Machintosh M2. Currently i choose Valet. The reason is simple, very light, easy to use, and can set domain name (.test) on localhost without typing php artisan serve in console, also i like how this valet manage the SSL on localhost. Super simple!

To install valet you just need to type valet install  (make sure composer installed composer global require laravel/valet), to change PHP version you just need to type valet use [email protected] and to add SSL on localhost you just need to type valet secure yourfolderdomain.

abrakadabra, green lock active at front of domain URL bar. 🙂

Oh and sometimes i found an issues, my valet SSL doesn’t work well after updating Chrome, By doing the following will solve the issue:

How to fix valet SSL HTTPS issues?

rm ~/.config/valet/CA/*
valet install

The first command replaces the outdated certificate authority (CA). The second does the trick to put back the missing files.